Medical billing engages coding specialists who conduct a multi-step process creating effective medical billing procedures which records & protects a patient’s rights and allows the health care system to run smoothly.

At we recognize that office-based physician billing and practice management services do not necessarily conform to a “one-size-fits-all” business model. As such, we strive to partner and collaborate with our clients to provide a battery of services that are more closely tailored to and designed to advance our clients medical practices. As such, there are a plethora of services available to our clients, and we are always open to the introduction of new services as they are necessitated or requested.


Virginia Medical Billing – A brief review

Because West Virginia is recognized as having one of the highest percentages of seniors ie : over 65 years of age than all the states in the country, so we have positioned ourselves dynamically to make billing procedures hassle free and to code patient reimbursements correctly , thus one sees value for money for the services our network of billers provide in the state of Virginia.


We see ourselves as an extension of the medical billing practice and your patients are treated with courtesy and respect while adhering to HIPAA regulations. Our affiliate billing procedures start by assigning an MRA account manager to your practice so you develop a relationship, have a point person to call and get the benefit of a tailored and streamlined process that works the way you would like.


Virginia Medical Billing – Offerings

Our Networked Billers – Virginia Medical Billing Services have been working with new and experienced medical billers since the past few years. we have the top resource and networking community for medical billers with over hundreds of subscribers and growing, for the state of Virginia. We continue to strive towards maintaining a one-stop resource for all your needs in this industry. Our subscriber area is updated almost daily and we keep you informed of all important updates and news.


Virginia Medical Billing – Speciality Services

We currently operate under following practices:

  • Family/general internal medicine (including, but not limited to rheumatology, endocrinology, non-invasive cardiology)
  • General surgical
  • Surgical specialties: ophthalmology, colo-rectal, urology, orthopaedics
  • dermatology
  • palliative care
  • physical therapy
  • mental health

Following are our Specialized services

  • Patient & Demographic Services
  • Charge Entry & Claims Filing
  • AR Management & Appeals
  • Reporting
  • Pre-Collection & Collections
  • Consulting & Provider Services


Virginia Medical Billing – End Note

Many providers find the enrolment process overwhelmingly burdensome and time consuming. Coupled with this, however, is the absolute necessity of proper enrolment.

Without proper enrolment, payment can be delayed or refused by payers, even if the physician is otherwise ready and able to provide services. That is why many practices feel it makes sense to delegate this burdensome task to professionals who focus on enrolment and can provide the service as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For more information on our enrolment services, please see our billing terms & policy page.