In beginning before sending any claim we help provider registering with Insurance companies, setting up practice management software, registering Bank Account with Insurance Company, which contains following entities:-

  • Provider Credentialing: Participating provider with Health Insurance Companies.
  • EDI/ERA Setup Our Services: Setting up electronic payments and remittance advice.
  • Fee Schedule: Setting complete practice management software with fees set up for rendered service as per insurance fee schedule.

At our experience shows that efficient billing system is what actually medical practise depends on for successfully serving its clients & Patients. through it’s fully-integrated system is geared to improve the entire billing scenario be it claims handling and collections process. , Thus what used to take hours to process a simple task now gets done in a matter of minutes with very less deviations or zero errors as such.

Our Integrated claims processing system manages the below parameters

    • UB92 EMC, or HCFA claims
    • Pin points Duplicate records, wrong & missing entries.
    • Approval Necessities
    • Billing frequency

CPT codes and analysis codes as applicable under insurance is ICD-10 ready

As per federal notification from October 1, 2014 onwards, all healthcare Units coming under HIPAA will be required to use ICD-10 diagnosis and procedure codes for billing purposes.

At our EHR & Practice Management solutions are fully geared to meet ICD-10 standards – and we regularly collaborate with state & federal healthcare regulatory bodies to evaluate & test that the software performs flawlessly so as to accurately process claims.

The above validation & verification using our system involves testing eligibility verification, quality reporting, and other transactions that use ICD-10.

The purpose of eligibility verification is to get rid of claim denials, claim re-submittals and unpaid patient balances in accounts receivable. As easy as it may sound it is much easier to have the patient pay their due at the first instance itself rather than collect the dues in due course of time after several appointments with the patient.

Thus Eligibility verification allows you to asses and collect the patient due directly, which certainly allows one to device a invoicing practice with account receivables gaining a zero balance.

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