Every patient do not have insurance or patient with insurance had patient payment pending so this involves bellows steps for retrieving revenue from patient.

  • Patient Statements: Weekly or Monthly patient statement/bills are generated and mailed out
  • Inbound & Outbound Calls: Customer service for Patients queries
  • Notice & Collections letters: Pre-information or warning letters about account transferring to collections agency
  • Patient Overpayment Refund: Refund payments for extra payment made by patient either by direct back transfer or check.
  • Conveyance, Small Balance Write-Off: Pending balance for claim, whether complete balance or partial balance is written off after provider’s confirmation if it’s bad debt or very less.
  • Transition to Collections: Transferring patient account if payment not received after 3 or more statements. Removal of account after receiving patient payment.

At findmedicalbillers.com we believe that your staff should be focusing more on patient care and growing your practice rather than spend a lot of time on tedious billing and remittance tasks
Our Patient management services allow your practice to eliminate all charge entry and patient demographic updates, as well as payment posting.
At findmedicalbillers.com our dedicated team of account representatives will do all the related activities pertaining to Patient management which are as follows:

  • perform claims scrubbing
  • update demographics,
  • post payments
  • bill patients and follow up on all denials.

The large majority of insurance and governmental disbursements will be straight away credited to your bank account, and all other disbursements will be handed over directly to your office. 

  • Electronic and Paper Claims Filing : findmedicalbillers.com handles all data entry, and claims tracking for as regards your patients. We have the competence to transfer claims electronically to many of the insurance providers across the country. Moreover all electronically submitted claims are usually paid within 15 days.
  • Advanced Claims Review System: Our Patient claims scrubbing procedure recognizes and rectifies errors and exclusions before claims are submitted. This leads to less denials and faster reimbursement for your the patients
  • Patient Claim Adjudication : We thoroughly monitor and access EOBs and payments to ensure the highest possible reimbursement rate for your patients.
  • Patient Follow-up : For us, claim follow-up is a priority. Our staff regularly follows up on the progress of your claims to make sure your patients are receiving prompt & correct payments.
  • Patient and Insurance Payment Posting : Once payment is received and verified for accuracy, promptly posts payment to your account.
  • Patient Invoicing, Collection and Inquiries : Patients receive Monthly statements with outstanding balances. Our automated system sends reminders and collection letters directly to patients, making them aware of their remaining liabilities. Moreover, our dedicated staff manages all patient phone requests, billing inquiries and necessary follow-up calls.
  • Management Reports : We provide your practice with the best patient accounting and patient billing analysis reports which exists in the industry today.
  • Tailor made patient reports can be generated if requested, also a comprehensive variety of standard patient reports are readily available.


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