After payment is received it is posted under respective claims and other bonus payments incentives are managed without claims.

      • EFT, ERA Processing: Running Electronic Remittance Advice into practice management software, which is automated payment posting against the codes posted in charge posting
      • Payment Posting: Manual posting of payment against the charges.
      • Revenue Allocation: Sharing complete practice revenue with multiple healthcare providers in same facilities.

We at understand that medical care pay providers risk of not being quick enough to view and relate the pieces of the whole in the transaction areas not only puts you on below average scale of performance but it costs you money.
The fundamental problem is that, as time passes by, most medical care pay providers have over the years come up with numerous discordant period solutions to manage various facets of member/provider aspects and claims resolution.
Thus this complexity and lack of integration has been appropriately addressed through our in-bound processing practices described below.

Our Inbound-Processing Services :

  • Following-up with Insurance providers

This makes it possible to ensure accurate posting of all payments. For those companies that pay through electronic funds, payments must be set up once the claim has been verified.

  • ERA management

This guarantees proficient handling and disbursement of electronic funds. The Electronic Remittance Advice system ensures the elucidation of payment for each transaction that is received and suitably processed.

  • Revenue allocation

This function guarantees that the funds are assigned to the applicable department or service.

  • Customized solutions

In-bound processing can be difficult, even for the most established healthcare providers. We here at help safeguard your practise growth and success by collaborating with you on tailored solutions that ensure efficient transaction processing.

  • Fund management

Bank deposits must be made in a timely manner for all insurance payments. transaction lifecycle management solutions takes care of all aspects of inbound processing and provides a swift ROI.

They do so by joining related transactions from distinct systems together in real time, so claims staff can easily and quickly run an audit of the dealings from start to finish including EFTs.
With our researchers can assess all the transactions linked with a certain claim in a few seconds without being an I.T expert pertaining to EDI
Specifically, they can:

      • Track documents through all the major application steps from beginning to end.
      • pin point the relevant transactions linked with any given claim.

This means, our examiners studying an eligibility request can find the associated eligibility response, claims, claim attachment requests, claim attachments, status requests, status response, provider relations activity from the CRM systems.

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