At Our well established proven know-how in account receivable management service will considerably improve the cash flow for your practice by reducing bad debt and write-offs. You will see a remarkable difference in your collections within a few weeks. Normally, we are able to increase your collection ratio by 10% or more! offers you an integrated solution for your medical billing needs covering Medical Billing, Medical Coding and Accounts Receivables Services.
We Support in getting get paid promptly and in full for each claim

Push up the collection ratio by 15% or more from the current level 

Following are the services we offer as regards Accounts Receivables

  • Decrease average AR days to less than 45 days
  • The claims which are older than 120 days or more is to be brought to down to a 5% level of all AR
  • Scale down write-offs from bad debt
  • Bring down claim denials
  • Improve your cash flow


How we do it:

  • We make calls and initiate suitable actions to settle the claim.
  • Our experts evaluate all the unsettled claims and send you a report on a suggested amount that requires to be collected.
  • Our AR experts process an insurance aging report on a regular basis as in weekly monthly and categorize them based on the number of aging days such as thirty, sixty, ninety and over ninety days.

The above includes:

  • Rectification of claim data and redoing the claim denied for authorization by filling it again.
  • Apprising about claim status to your office if the insurance company needs additional information on medical records to process the claim.
  • Make Calls to patients if there is authorization to do so, and obtain details from the patient on the information needed for billing.
  • We send regular mailers to you as in weekly A/R reports giving status of A/R forward movement and come up with pointers that require clarification from your office to proceed further.

The following reports are sent to you:

  • Aged accounts receivable report
  • Total accounts receivable outstanding report
  • Collections applied
  • Adjustments / write-off’s applied
  • Charge submissions report
  • Collection ration statistics and trend
  • Days outstanding and trend

Above all, we will take care of long hold time with insurance companies.

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