We at see it as an opportunity to serve the Practitioners community in the state Pennsylvania practitioners to make their practice more lucrative by offering billing & other medic-care billing services at a nominal cost & thus we feel happy it will in turn benefit & make a positive difference in the lives of the patient community for Pennsylvania state.


Medical Billing Pennsylvania – Offerings

We at give importance to the following three entities to serve our prospects better

Patients : Facilitates more coordinated care, better outcomes, patient access and involvement

Our partner billers : Allows secure sharing of vital information at the point of care

Payers : Reduces costly medical errors, duplicative procedures and treatments and ineffective uncoordinated care


Our billing specialists and coding experts have years of experience about the medical billing processes, regulations and norms governing insurance companies, and the variations when it comes different us types of insurance plans (HMOs, PPOs, and Point-of-Service plans). We also are well updated as regards the wide-ranging domain of federal provisions such as Medicaid and Medicare that cater to middle income group families, senior citizens, and abnormally disabled categories.


Medical billing can be a complex process. However we at have simplified the areas for our clients in order to seamlessly outline a patient’s dues to be paid on time, asses a patient’s health insurance plan, determine which amenities can be charged to the insurance providers, process paperwork, and in initiate procedures for payments to be collected from both patients and insurance companies.


We consider all of the parameters that vary thru insurance plans, as in payment rates, co-pays, coverage amounts, and deductibles when requesting account receivables.


Medical Billing Pennsylvania – Services

  • Data Entry and Submission of Claims
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Credentialing
  • Monthly Reporting Packages
  • Claims management


In addition to the above we offer many other services which will take care of any & all of your billing concerns