Outsourcing your billing can be a crucial decision. You are plainly putting the sustenance of your practice for it to be managed by a third party with all the trust & accountability provided.

Therefore we too take great care in meeting your expectation and therefore we have our network of billers for Bend area who are well established, with the varying healthcare situation, as medical billing service has become an essential support for Practitioners. Thus hiring the right Medical Billing partner has become all the more important in the long run.


Medical Billing Bend – Offerings

At, we specialize in medical billing that is it proficient, highly result-oriented and affordable. Our approach focuses on capitalizing on your practice’s revenue because fewer the worries are for you about your bottom line, the more resourceful you will become to focus on your core areas being patient care. has the following traits that has made us a well established in the Industry today

1) Proficient
Our keen medical billing experts and experienced coders have years of knowledge of Clinic Service and are very proficient to manage , support & train to guide your practice with all the aspects of medical billing activities.

2) Mentoring
We offer consultation to our clients for intricate coding procedures, optimizing AR and AP processes and scheduling, help in restructuring business rational and refining cash flow. We ensure that your ICD-9 codes (now it has become ICD-10 codes) stands updated so that your dedication is more towards your patients rather than accountancy & billing etc

3) Time Bound + Correctness
Medical practice field has the most time -sensitive billing returns as in claims submissions, auditing and discharging claims within 48 hours. Each claim is substantiated, followed up is collections are availed within an average of twenty two days.

Medical Billing Bend – Speciality Services

  • Pre-certification & Insurance Verification
  • Patient Demographic Entry
  • CPT and ICD-9 Coding
  • Charge Entry
  • Claims Submission
  • Payment Posting
  • Account Receivables Follow-up
  • Denial Management


Partner with us & you can be sure of cutting down on operating costs, while reducing the number of denials. Make a decision to outsource medical billing services today and give your healthcare practice a competitive edge.