What is your expertise?

We specialize in offshore medical billing service that includes Pre-claim, Post visit, Claim submission, Account receivable management, Inbound processing and Patient management.

How successful are you in your catered specialties?

We have achieved an almost 95% success rate in the services we offer you and about 99% success rate in insurance claims.

Are in-house billers and coders provided by you?

Yes, we provide in-house billers and coders from the dedicated to your account to offer you the best service.

How many coders or biller do you assign to an account?

Depending on the size of your account, we assign a billing professional to handle your account.

How do I get my reports?

The account manager assigned to your account will regularly send you reports. Each account will have a dedicated manager to offer you customized reports.

What kind of experience do you have in handling medical bills?

We have an experience of over a decade in terms of years. Vast experience in handling various medical billing of different specialty.

Do you contact the patients for claims?

Yes, we do follow up on patients for claims in certain cases when requested by the doctor or as in when required.

Do you provide any assistance with ICD-10 transition?

Yes, we do consult and verify the changes that should be implemented to help your clinic to be at par with ICD-10. Our trained professionals train your staff accordingly.

What if we happen to change our location or state within the USA?

We cater across the USA so with a change in your location within the USA will not affect the services that we are offering you.

As a physician, if I change the structure from clinic to hospital is there a change in the charges?

Normally our charges would remain the same between 4-8% of the collection of your clinic or hospital which depends on the volume of business and the service that you avail.

Do you provide any value added services?

We not only provide you billing services, but consultancy, software support, credentialing, how to promote your practice, update on healthcare trends and customized reporting. Choose us and experience the value added service for yourself.

Do you ensure Regulatory Compliance?

Yes, we strictly comply with all HIPAA regulations.

Are you in compliance with HIPAA regulations?

We follow HIPAA regulation where we ensure that the Patient Health Information (PHI) is secure. Each of our billing professionals is trained through the HIPAA training session regularly.

Is HIPAA audit conducted?

Yes, HIPAA audit is conducted every two months. The experts review the reports.

How do you maintain customer service standards?

Quality is our top priority with ‘No compromise on quality’ being our motto. On every activity that we deliver, TAT is maintained and monitored. Daily, weekly and monthly reports are shared with the physician. We invite regular feedback from our clients and update our processes regularly to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Do you advise on the insurance payer my practice is credentialed with?

You are the owner are free to decide whether the payer coverage is good or not, we as your service partner do suggest the best insurance payer as per your specialty.

What is the kind of financial control I have for my clinic with FindMedicalBiller.com?

You have complete financial control. We handle your billing to ensure that you can concentrate on patient activities and are aware of all the collections with our daily, weekly and monthly reports. We do discuss how you can improve the performance of the clinic and what we can offer further to improve your clinic’s performance.

How do you bill us?

We charge 4-8% of the revenue collected by your clinic. Our billing service is simple and economical where we manage to save around 35% of your billing costs for you because your profits are our priority.

Which software billing do you provide?

We can suggest and help you shortlist the right billing software for your practice. We have EMR and PMS integrated software that is approved by CCHIT which enables your practice to receive the amount as promised by the government. Our billers are trained in various billing software and can easily handle your account on any software that you choose to use.

Is the software on one-time payment basis or monthly payment basis?

If you choose the software suggested by us and outsource the same to us, we will take care of the software charges as we believe in maximizing your benefits for the services we provide.

Who sets up EDI?

FindMedicalBiller.com will set up the EDI.

Who bears the EDI setup charges?

As we will set up the EDI, the charges will be borne by FindMedicalBiller.com.

Can my current billing software be used?

Yes, you can use your current billing software, all we will need is a small demo to work with your software.

How soon can you begin the billing?

Once the contract has been signed, we will inform you about the tentative date when we can go live. The date we suggest depends upon credentialing, software requirement and the current scenario.

What are the hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs as we aim to simplify your work. Your saving is our priority and we ensure you get the highest value for your money.

Do you charge a start up fee or other startup costs?

No, we do not charge any start up fee or any other additional expenses.

What is the notice period to terminate a contract?

A notice period of 30 days is necessary for the termination of a contract. We have a very high client retention rate as we offer the best billing services in the trade.

Are there any contracts?

Both the parties are secure with a medical billing revenue contract.