Chiropractic is a kind of alternative medicine that gives importance to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, more so chiropractic symptoms are related to areas in the spine, since these ailments affect the overall health via the nervous system which comprises the entire spine.

Thus it calls for a professional approach for your field of medicine so as to partner with a reliable chiropractic billing service provider that has the involvement and skills to manage your chiropractic claims effectively with prompt billing and processing services.

Moreover your budgeting depends on it. So with, you can be rest assured that your chiropractic billing is being managed with the seriousness and care of our Experts who have mastered the techniques to get your chiropractic claims disbursed on time.

Chiropractic Medical Billing Services – Salient features

It has provisions to accurately assess the type and level of Evaluation and Management Service and ensures the proper use of ‘modifier 25’.

It involves procedures to extract relevant information from treatment plans.

It effectively determines how to appropriately code ‘services performed’ and ‘supplies provided’ using CPT and HCPCS, and patient’s diagnoses using ICD-9.

It makes use of medical policy standards in making coding decisions. It is scoped to differentiate modalities and procedures based on descriptions of services provided.

It is compliant with AMA and CMS rules pertaining to time-based services. It provides CMS bundling relationships and ability to determine the appropriate use of modifier 59.

It seeks to differentiate between various types of manipulative procedures under AMA standards. It accommodates other Chiropractic related diagnostic procedures such as code radiologic, neurologic, and musculoskeletal diagnostic procedures.

Why FindMedicalBillers

At, we will work shoulder to shoulder to meet your concerns to help ascertain the challenges in billing aspects such as “modifier application”, and mentor your field of work on areas involving the best-in-class chiropractic medical billing techniques and procedures.

Our team at is made up of certified medical coders and billing experts who will handle all aspects of your chiropractic billing to ensure and support your requirements so that it gets it’s due compensation for the chiropractic services rendered.

Hence Find makes it all the more easier for you, knowing that you’re not spending more than what is required or get too involved into last minute billing documentation etc as regards ZPICs , MPICs RACs, MACs and other non-public type audit formalities.

Chiropractic specialty services @

  • Electronic Claim Submission
  • Paper Claim Submission on Approved Forms (when needed)
  • Accurate and timely posting of charges and EOB.
  • Follow up with the insurers, and appeal of all denied claims.
  • Daily processing of primary and secondary claims.
  • Insurance eligibility verification.
  • Thorough correction of missing patient information.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports by an assigned Manager
  • Bringing down over 90 days insurance account balances to zero


Chiropractic Specialty Services – End Note

Thus our experts remove the constraints out of your way so that you can rely on our best practices at to deal with insurance companies.

Our support paves the way for you and your staff to devote the required time to cater to the chiropractic therapy your patients seek and expect to be treated for.

Therefore by delegating your billing concerns to you’ll be rest assured growing your profits by sub-contracting your billing to qualified Chiropractic Billing experts committed to getting you the money that is due to you.

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