Biller Listing

Steve M. Rigsby

Richmond, Virginia

Shawna D. Swift

Oklahoma City, Ohio

Vicki T. Cummings

Portland, Oregon

Adam J. Richter

Manhattan, NY

Lewis Andrews

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jordan Grimes

Houston, Texas

Silent Features of FMB

  • AR Calling Services

    Our billers provide advanced solutions when it comes to AR Calling, at our AR Calling approach complies with HIPAA regulations. So Patient Calling done through our biller network is more standardized & results in a smooth process.

    Physician Billing Services

    Our billers provide unique services that can interface with EMR or EHR system for a very nominal charge & it includes EMR Implementation as well. Plus it has registry reporting as a default service.

    EMR – (Electronic Medical Record) services

    At the biller network uses cutting-edge industry technology for EMR services. This makes document processing faster making it easy to send and receive patient details, moreover it allows for Electronic prescribing.

    Online service Support

    Our billers network is structured on an omnipresent online model , so wherever you are one can access provide & interact with our billing staff from anywhere .We ensure that all transactions are done & Backed up in a safe & secure manner.

  • Testimonials

    Occupational Therapist From Florida

    I have had the very good fortune of engaging "Find MedicalBillers" a year and a half ago ! Excellent service.....Dependable results ! I could not have continued my work without their medical billing experts.

    Owner/Therapist focusing on helping children reach their highest potential. at Success For Special Kids


  • Medical Billing

    Our practice is born out of highest medical competence – we recognize it; we never compromise on our commitment for quality medical care

    InHouse Billing

    We have the largest number of Medical Billing Specialists and Medical Coding Specialists across 50 states specializing in almost all specialities.

    Find Billers

    Thousands of Billers and Coders have registered with us across all states; this is where they check for updated job prospects.

    Claim Submission

    Hassle free claim submission experience by experienced professions at most affordable price.